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Hello and welcome.


My love of the aesthetics of design, has always been a driving force within my life, and as such influence the majority of my decisions daily, from the books I read, websites I visit, my social media and cutlery I use at home, I draw great inspiration from the practitioners who developed the rules of design and those who broke them. I am often asked to create brand solutions, event and film posters, tattoo designs and illustrations to name a few, which I create with relish and find fulfilling.


Over the past 10 years I have used my design knowledge to deliver high quality design solutions for clients and friends alike, often working on a pro bono status. I have always dreamed of a career where my creativity is in use daily, until recently I looked on assuming that goal was unattainable, over the past 5 years I have been lucky enough to work within design and more recently graduated with a Degree in Graphic Design, allowing me to see my goal as being within reach.


My influences are Roger Dean, who’s art for Osibisa’s self titled first album, captured my eye from an early age when looking through my father’s record collection, his surreal depictions of flying elephant’s inspired me to put pencil to paper, Aaron Draplin who’s non conformist ideology, bold aesthetic and share love of design I find refreshing, Street artist Daim who uses light and shadow to create work that not only stand out but also tricks the eye into believing that his pieces are constructed rather than painted.